What did you do different today?


What did you do differently today?

Today, I did something different. I usually wake up and do a series of stretches and special breaths before I sit down at my computer to do work.

Today, I skipped that step.

Why would you skip something so healthy, you ask?

Because life is a wacky, awesome science experiment. I read a quote recently that said:


Now I’m a real confident guy. If you were to ask me out of the blue if I know how to live, I’d say hell yeah. If I really think about it, though, I have to admit- I have a long way to go.

I’m not gonna lie, I want to drive an Aston Martin and take a boat to the Caribbean! That doesn’t mean I don’t like my life now. It just means there’s more fun to be had. The only thing stopping me from having it is admitting that I want it. Admitting that you want something can feel sorta like defeat, depending on how your brain works.

So here I am: I admit it! I want to admit that my life isn’t as optimized as it can be. I could be giving a million dollars a year to charity, if only I had it. I could be lifting ten times the weight I deadlift and run further and faster, if I trained smarter and started paying attention to supplements, vitamins and minerals.

What’s the next step?

Changing things up!

Changing things can be scary, if I let it scare me. What if I skip my morning stretches? Will I have a panic attack by lunch time? What if┬ámy mind wanders (more than it normally does)! And then I think, maybe I’ll pull something at the gym!

But that’s just some paranoid shit. Turns out I’m just way more anal than I realized. My day went fine, and I got a lot of work done. I’m not saying that I’m not going to ever stretch in the mornings anymore. I’m just saying, if I don’t that doesn’t mean something bad is gonna happen.

Life is a science experiment. I refuse to be a scaredy cat about changing around some variables.

My first post!


Welcome to Wireless9Live.

This is a blog dedicated to Longevity. Wahahahahaha.

You are probably reading this on a smartphone right now. Sure, we get some facetime with the laptop, but come on- you know its only for special occasions.

Like movies longer than 50 minutes. Meaning, if you’re already in bed when it occurs to you to watch Netflix, you’re probably gonna watch something on your phone. Unless you’re really hungry. But even then, you’ll probably start with the phone that’s already in your hand, just to make sure you’re ACTUALLY in the mood for the thing you thought you were in the mood for. Then, if you are, you’ll watch for a while, happily enjoying the acting and cinematography on a surface the size of your hand.

I have a 6Plus, so its a little bigger than my hand.

Anyway, the point is, the wireless world we live in makes it easy to optimize our health.

Got a question about how healthy a certain food or drink is? Look it up!

Need to find a nearby gym/yoga class/ acupuncturist/green cleaning company/ organic grocery store?

Psh, that’s easy as gluten-free pie.

Better yet, there are apps to help you monitor your eating, plan your workouts so you never skip a leg day, and, for the ladies, know when you’re ovulating so you can schedule the perfect type of cardio for your hormone levels.

I’m pumped to get this out there! Let’s do it.